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Creating Yiddishist Youth
Modern Secular Yiddish Education and the Turn to Youth in Interwar Vilna
May 17 2011


Jordana de Bloeme, York University

This talk explores the role of the Vilna Educational Society (Vilbig) in the dissemination of modern secular Yiddish education and culture throughout Vilna and the Vilna region from 1924 until its liquidation in 1940. An umbrella-like educational organization founded at the behest of parents whose children attended Yiddish secular schools and by Yiddishist pedagogues, its goals were to serve as an intermediary between the Yiddishist intelligentsia and Yiddish-speaking masses, as well as to broaden the audience for Yiddish high culture. This talk sheds light on the complexities of modern secular Yiddish education and the attempt to create a Yiddishist identity among an entire generation of Yiddish-speaking youth.

Creating Yiddishist Youth Audio