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Churchill and Zionism - Not by Sufferance
Mar 27 2008


Winston Churchill was a pivotal figure in modern Jewish history, particularly in his relation to Zionism.  Like the great statesmen of the 19th century - Disraeli and Palmerston, for example - Churchill was immensely stirred by the idea of the Jewish return to Palestine. Still, he contrived the excision of Trans-Jordan from Palestine and did very little to curtail the British ban on Jewish migration to Palestine after the White Paper of 1939.  Nonetheless, the Jews were one of Churchill's great romances in a very romantic life.

This evening featured a presentation by Michael Makovsky (Foreign Policy Director,  Bipartisan Policy Center, Washington, DC, Harvard University, Ph.D., Diplomatic History) about the clarity and ambiguity of Churchill's relationship to Jews and Zionism. This was followed by a discussion of the topic with Sir Harold Evans (Editor, The Times (London, 1981-1982); The Sunday Times (London, 1967-1981)), and the audience.  
Churchill and Zionism - Not by Sufferance                    wmv