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Elias Tcherikower Collection

Elias Tcherikower (1881-1943). Papers, 1903-1963. (RG 81)

Jewish historian, and political activist in the Labor Zionist movement at the turn of the twentieth century. Co-founder of the YIVO Institute in Vilna in 1925, he was a member of the YIVO Executive Board and secretary of the Historical Section of YIVO. Between 1918 and 1920, he was involved in a project in Kiev to collect and publish documents on pogroms in the Ukraine during the civil war. He was a founder of the Mizrakh Yidisher Historisher Arkhiv (Ostjuedisches Historisches Archiv), established in Berlin in 1921 to preserve and publish the pogrom documents. He also was involved in celebrated court cases, such as the 1926-1927 Paris trial of Shalom Schwarzbard, assassin of Simon Petlyura; and the 1934-1935 Bern trial regarding the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Contributor to and editor of numerous periodicals and encyclopedias, he was the author of historical works on the Jews of France and the labor movement in the United States.

Elias Tcherikower Collection (3,500 volumes)

His extensive library and archives were hidden in France during World War II and later brought to YIVO in New York. The Tcherikower Collection is especially strong in its documentation, in several languages, of Jewish life in the Russian Empire. Some of the Russian-language pamphlets and books from the Tcherikower Collection are available on microfilm from Brill Publishers. Tcherikower's papers, photographs, and other artifacts (important primary sources on the anti-Jewish pogroms in Ukraine in 1918-1920) are among the holdings of the YIVO Archives.