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Empty: 2013 Programs

Laughing All the Way to Freedom
Jan 28 2013

The Remarkable Life and Afterlife of Sholem Aleichem
Oct 17 2013

The Taste of Ashes
Apr 18 2013

Babel in Yiddish / Yiddish in Babel
Apr 23 2013

Sidney Krum Young Artists Concert Series: Spring Concert 2013
May 5 2013

Yiddish in the City: SF to NYC
May 19 2013

Jewish Scholars and Scholarship in 18th Century Metz
Oct 7 2013

Sex, Yiddish and the Law: Jewish Life in Metz in the 18th Century
Oct 21 2013

Annual Mordkhe Schaechter Memorial Program
Jun 30 2013

60th Anniversary of the Nusakh Vilne Memorial Program
Sep 22 2013

The Jews in Poland-Lithuania and Russia: 1350 to the Present Day
Oct 22 2013

Reflecting on the Beilis Trial
Nov 4 2013

The Velizh Affair: Ritual Murder in a Russian Border Town
Nov 21 2013

The Vilna Gaon and the Making of Modern Judaism
Nov 7 2013

Edokko: Growing Up a Foreigner in Wartime Japan
Nov 21 2013

Celebration of the New Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary
Jun 23 2013