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Jewish Scholars and Scholarship in 18th Century Metz
October 7, 2013

MONDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2013 | 1pm
Click HERE to view the video of this program in YIVO's Program Archive.

Rabbi Moshe Arye Bamberger, Head of the Bet Din of the Metz Jewish Community, France; Rabbi Shmuel Klein, YIVO Archives (Moderator)

Admission: Free
RSVP Required: | 212.294.6143

This fall, the YIVO Institute and the Center for Jewish History present an exhibition, a conference and four public programs that explore the Jewish community in Metz, France in the 18th and 19th centuries. These programs were inspired by the Pinkas (Register) of the Metz Rabbinic Court, a rare and little-known document from the collections of the YIVO Archives. Other programs in this series occur on October 6, October 21, November 18 and December 9. For more information and a complete listing of events, click here.

The exhibition and program series are made possible by the generous support of The David Berg Foundation, The Selz Foundation, and Emil Kleinhaus.

Rabbi Moshe Arye Bamberger, the Head of the Bet Din of the Jewish community of Metz, France will present a seminar on a new publication, Torat Chachmei Metz, or The Torah of the Scholars of Metz, which is based on an original manuscript in the YIVO Archives. This manuscript includes original interpretations and teachings of several important figures in 18th century Metz, such as Rabbi Yonasan Eybeschutz, Rabbi Arye Leib Ginzberg (the head of the Bet Din of Metz from 1765-1785), Rabbi Shmuel Hillman and others. Rabbi Bamberger's presentation will include an overview of the scholars of Metz represented in this new book, within the context of the history of this important Jewish community during the early modern period.

Rabbi Shmuel Klein A research scholar and archivist, Rabbi Shmuel Klein specializes in medieval rabbinic bibliographical studies and has worked on a number of publication and research projects associated with manuscripts of the Cairo Genizah. Rabbi Klein is currently working on the Sutzkever Kaczerginski Collection of Historical and Literary Manuscripts which are held in the YIVO Archives.

The Ruth Gay Seminar
Inaugurated in 2008 thanks to a major gift to YIVO from the family of Ruth Gay, the Ruth Gay Seminar in Jewish Studies takes place several times a year. Established in honor of Ruth Gay (1922-2006), the noted American Jewish historian and writer, the seminar series is given by scholars who have used the resources of the YIVO Archives and who wish to share their research with the public.
Venue: YIVO Institute at the Center for Jewish History  |  15 West 16th Street - NYC   view map

For directions and parking information, click here.

All public programs are wheelchair accessible. A limited number of assistive listening devices are available for deaf and hard of hearing individuals upon request.