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Empty: 2012 Programs

From the YIVO Archives: The Unknown Memoir of Tuvia Bielski
Apr 19 2012

Yiddish Writers Monologues: Yosl Birshteyn 'A Kiss in Jerusalem'
Apr 24 2012

Sholem Aleichem, Joseph Achron, and the Music of Stempenyu
Apr 30 2012

The Tragedy of Leon Trotsky
Mar 8 2012

Anti-Jewish Violence in Eastern Europe
Mar 1 2012

S. An-sky: Writing the History of Jews in the First World War
Feb 28 2012

Di Broder-zinger: forgeyer funem yidishn teater
Feb 24 2012

The Broder Singers: Forerunners of the Yiddish Theater
Feb 2 2012

The Politics of Memory in Contemporary Eastern Europe
Apr 2 2012

Psychoanalysts on the Left and the Far Left
Mar 22 2012

Children and War
Feb 23 2012

The Jewish Antifascist Committee and its Foreign Delegation
Feb 7 2012

Mordkhe Schaechter Commemoration
Jun 24 2012

Creation of a Survivor Voice: Radio and Early Holocaust Narratives
May 14 2012

Sidney Krum Young Artists Concert Series: Spring Concert 2012
May 10 2012

Fun a khazerishn ek...
Jul 20 2012

East Meets West: Yidishe Meydlekh
Jun 21 2012

From the YIVO Archives: The Rothschild Talmud
Nov 27 2012

The History of the YIVO Library
Dec 11 2012