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Hy Wolfe: An Evening of Songs and Stories
Oct 17 2011

YIVO presents Hy Wolfe in a concert performance, accompanied by Herbert Kaplan at the piano.
New York stage actor and singer Hy Wolfe returned to our stage with a show featuring Yiddish theater and folk songs and stories.

Wolfe worked with, and learned from, many of the brightest stars of the Yiddish theater, and is a living link with a glorious tradition. The show includes a tribute to the late Shifra Lerer, the last of the greats from the classical period of the Yiddish theater.
Hy Wolfe is the artistic director of the Yiddish National Theatre and the director of CYCO (Central Yiddish Culture Organization). His first language is Yiddish; he acts with equal ease in English and Yiddish. Mr. Wolfe has performed on stage, screen, and television.
Herbert Kaplan toured for nearly 10 years with his brother as a two piano team, then attended Yale University School of Music and the Vienna Akademie. He has been the music director and/or arranger of countless musicals and the composer of four.

Hy Wolfe Video