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Rudolf Kasztner: Jewish Wallenberg or Nazi Collaborator?
Oct 20 2009


Killing Kasztner a documentary on a World War II Zionist operative who remains controversial more than 50 years after his assassination in Israel.

Introduced by Professor Ronald W. Zweig, Taub Professor of Israel Studies at New York University and author of The Gold Train: the Looting of Hungarian Jewry (William Morrow.)

Following the film, YIVO Executive Director Jonathan Brent moderated a discussion with Professor Zweig; Kasztner’s daughter, Zsuzsi, and granddaughter, Israeli television journalist Merav Michaeli; film director Gaylen Ross; Professor Ladislaus Lob, Kasztner survivor and author of Rezső Kasztner: The Daring Rescue of Hungarian Jews (Pimlico); and—in what transformed a special evening into a genuinely historic occasion—Kasztner train survivors from around the world, many of whom were present with their families.

  Pre-screening discussion Video
Post-screening discussion Video