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Rise and Fall of the Yiddish Empire
Mar 13 2008


Benjamin Harshav, J & H Blaustein Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, Yale University, author of Language in the Time of Revolution and The Moscow Yiddish Theatre: Art on Stage in the Time of Revolution, explored the complex relation of Yiddish and Hebrew in the 19th century Russian Empire.  Jewish majorities were found in towns and shtetlakh of the vast terrortories, where 98% of Jewry declared Yiddish as their language.  This was the time that entailed the total transformation of the Jews their languages, professions, education, and their place in general history.  It was also the time when the base was laid for the emergence of a new Hebrew society which founded the state of Israel 60 years ago.
The Rise and Fall of the Yiddish Empire                    wmv