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YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe Celebration
Mar 12 2008



On March 12, 2008, YIVO held an event and reception celebrating the completion and publication of The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe, a two-volume, 2,500-page reference edited by Gershon Hundert of McGill University. The event emphasized the breadth and diversity of the work’s coverage with a series of brief presentations by scholars associated with the project that led into or included performances, recitations, and readings that served as examples. The program was as follows:

Part 1:

Opening Remarks:  Jeffrey Edelstein, Project Director
Cantorial Music:  Wendy Heller, presenter
    “Ve-‘Al Yedey ‘Avodekho” (Zavel Kwartin, composer; Jack Baras, arr.)
    Jacob Ben-Zion Mendelson, performer
    Linda Hall Gerson, accompanist
Literature and Pogroms:  Alice Nakhimovsky, Presenter
    Hayim Nahman Bialik, Be-‘Ir ha-haregah / In shkhite shtot (In the City of Slaughter; 1903/1906)
    Jacob Ben-Zion Mendelson, Hebrew reciter
    Yankl Salant, Yiddish reciter
Yiddish Theater and Song:  Michael C. Steinlauf, presenter
    “Dos Bahtshl Kreln” (The Necklace of Beads; Yitskhok Perlov, lyrics;
    Lola Forman, music)    Rebecca Joy Fletcher, performer
    with Spencer Chandler
    Conrad Winslow, accompanist
Chairman's Remarks:  Bruce Slovin, Chair, YIVO Board of Directors

Part 2:

Publisher’s Remarks:  Jonathan Brent, Editorial Director, Yale University Press
    Introduced by Carl J. Rheins, YIVO Executive Director
Visual Arts: Olga Litvak, presenter
Traditional Instrumental Music:    Mark Slobin, presenter
    Medley—Doyne/Nign from the Beregovskii collection:
    “A Vivat far di Mekhutonim” (Congratulations to the In-Laws; from a 1919
    recording by Abe Schwartz); “Heymish Freylekh” (from a 1919 recording
    by Max Leibowitz)    Lisa Gutkin (violin) and Paul Morrissett (tsimbl), performers
Jewish Writers and the Soviet State:  Alice Nakhimovsky, presenter
    Excerpts: Isaac Babel, “Karl-Yankel” (pub. 1931); and Vasilii
    Grossman, Zhizn’ i sud’ba (Life and Fate; pub. 1980)
    Alexander Nakhimovsky, reader
Closing Remarks: Gershon David Hundert, Editor in Chief

The YIVO Encyclopedia Celebration Part One:                     wmv

The YIVO Encyclopedia Celebration Part Two:                      wmv