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Who Will Write Our History?
Oct 23 2007


Who Will Write Our History? (Indiana University Press : 2007) - the new monograph by Samuel D. Kassow, the Charles H. Northam Professor of History at Trinity College, which tells the gripping story of Emanuel Ringelblum and his determination to use historical scholarship and the surreptitious preservation of Jewish documents to resist Nazi oppression.

A panel discussion with Professor Kassow and Robert Shapiro, Assistant Professor at Brooklyn College and author of Lodz Ghetto: A History (Indiana University Press with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum : 2006) explored the historical significance of ghetto archives in occupied Poland and the relationship between Emanuel Ringelblum, Isaiah Trunk and the YIVO. Joanna Michlic, Associate Professor and The Helene and Allen Apter Chair in Holocaust and Ethical Values at Lehigh University, discussed the recent turn of historians toward Jewish testimonies, in particular the publications of the testimonies from the Ringelblum Archives.


Who Will Write Our History?                    wmv