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YIVO Yidishe kultur-serye 2011-2012

Jewish Culture Series | 2011-2012


The new YIVO Jewish Culture Series is an educational outreach program designed to introduce various aspects of Eastern Ashkenazic culture and history to the public. The faculty for the series draws on the extensive network of scholars affiliated with the YIVO Institute.

The four part lecture series that will be presented in 2011-2012 is a partnership of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and the Riverdale Temple. It is the first community outreach program for YIVO as it expands its educational initiatives.

If your community is interested in learning more about hosting a program, contact:

Helena Gindi, Public Program Director
Phone: 212.294.6128 | Email:
"By connecting us more deeply to our cultural heritage, this program helps us to strengthen our identity as Jewish Americans."
—Yvette Marrin, Ph.D., Chair, Adult Education Committee, Riverdale Temple
Lectures will be held in the Riverdale Temple ballroom:
4545 Independence Avenue (at 246th Street)
Riverdale, NY 10471

All events are free. Reservations are recommended. To RSVP, please visit or call 212.294.6127.
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2011 | 2:00pm
"Sholem Aleichem, Isaac Babel, Philip Roth"

Jonathan Brent, YIVO Executive Director

Yiddish literature in turn-of-the-century Eastern Europe had a much greater impact on avant-garde world literature than is often thought. Its influence extended to America, as well. In this lecture, Dr. Brent will explore certain essential elements of Sholem Aleichem's stories that entered into the work of the great Russian-Jewish writer, Isaac Babel, and from Babel into the work of Philip Roth—from Yiddish to Russian to English—across not only radically distinct languages and cultures but across continents to the present day.
SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2012 | 2:00pm
"The Complicated World of Yiddish Folklore"

Itzik Gottesman, Associate Editor of the Yiddish Forward

On one hand, Yiddish folklore reveals the cultural uniqueness of the East European Jews before the Holocaust; on the other hand, it also shows common themes and genres that we find not only among other East European peoples, but among all European nations. With an emphasis on Yiddish folksong, folktale and custom, this talk will explore what Yiddish folklore has and does not have in common with other cultures around the world.
SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 2012 | 2:00pm
"One Hundred Years Ago: A Tour of Jewish Life in Eastern Europe"

David Fishman, Professor of Jewish History, Jewish Theological Seminary

In this session, we will examine Jewish life and culture in Eastern Europe in 1912. Themes will include: Jewish life in the city and town (shtetl); Jewish relations with Russians, Poles and other Christians; Jewish political movements such as Zionism and the Jewish labor Bund; Jewish literature, press and theatre in Yiddish and Hebrew. The talk will feature a slide-show and music.
SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2012 | 2:00pm
"History of the Yiddish Language"

Paul Glasser, Dean, Max Weinreich Center, YIVO

At its height, Yiddish was spoken from the North Sea in the west almost to the Caucasus in the east. Dr. Glasser will trace the history of Yiddish from its beginnings in western Europe through its expansion eastward and finally to its reaching the Americas, Asia and Africa with Jewish immigration.
Riverdale Temple

4545 Independence Avenue
Riverdale, NY 10471
Rabbi Judith Lewis
President Dr. Rachel Radna
Established in 1947, Riverdale Temple was the very first Jewish congregation in the Riverdale section of the Bronx in New York City. It is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. We are committed to an inclusive approach to Jewish life, and celebrate the diversity of our membership. We all share a common desire to study and celebrate with open minds, intellectual curiosity and integrity, and a loving respect for Jewish history and heritage.
Riverdale Temple
Jeanne Snyder
Olivia Koppell and Jesse Levy
Yvette and Albert Marrin

Steve and Lori Rosenfeld
Lisa Fishel-Wolovick and David Wolovick
David and Rochelle Greenfield
Rob Katz and Sherrill Spatz
Charles and Carolyn Baron