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Winter/Spring 2015

Welcome to our Public Programming Season Winter/Spring 2015! For more information about each event including ticket reservation, click on the event title or on the corresponding button in the list at the right. For recordings of past events please go to the Program Archives section. We look forward to seeing you this season.

All public programs are wheelchair accessible. A limited number of assistive listening devices are available for deaf and hard of hearing individuals upon request.

Planning for the Jewish Future: Standards for Yiddish in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Lecture | Members-Only Reception at 5:30pm
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23 | 3:30pm
Towards a Yiddish Architecture
Max Weinreich Fellowship Lecture | Workmen’s Circle Dr. Emanuel Patt Visiting Professor in Eastern European Jewish Studies
THURSDAY, MARCH 5 | 6:30pm
A Taste of the Old World: Jewish Food and Memory
Panel | Location: Museum of the City of New York
TUESDAY, MARCH 10 | 6:30pm
Personal History: Searching for the Past in Home Movies
Panel Discussion
THURSDAY, MARCH 26 | 3:30pm
Creating Songs in Boiberik: Singing Peace at “Felker Yontev”
Max Weinreich Fellowship Lecture | Joseph Kremen Memorial Fellowship in East European Jewish Music, Theater, and Arts
SUNDAY, MARCH 29 | 2:00pm
‘Lib’Ele Duo’ Present: The Yiddish-French Connection
Concert | With special guests Jon Levin and Pete Rushefsky
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15 | 6:30pm
From Hell to Liberation: Jewish Displaced Persons After the Shoah
Yom Hashoah 70th Anniversary Program
TUESDAY, MARCH 10 | 6:30pm
The Frankfurt School on Israel
Book Talk
SUNDAY, MAY 3 | 11:00am
Building a Future in America: YIVO’s 90th Anniversary Celebration
YIVO Turns 90!
THURSDAY, MAY 14 | 6:30pm
אויף די כוואַליעס פֿון עטער: ייִדישע אוידיציעס אויפֿן פוילישן ראַדיאָ, 1945-1958
Max Weinreich Fellowship Lecture | The Aleksander and Alicja Hertz Memorial Fellowship and the Samuel and Flora Weiss Research Fellowship in Polish Jewish Studies
THURSDAY, MAY 21 | 3:30pm
The Destruction of “Our” Vilne: Avrom Sutzkever’s Ghetto Poetry and Chaim Grade’s Poetry of Exile
Max Weinreich Fellowship Lecture | The Professor Bernard Choseed Memorial Fellowship and the Natalie and Mendel Racolin Memorial Fellowship in East European Jewish Studies
TUESDAY, MAY 26 | 7:00pm
A Night at Lewando’s: The Book Launch of The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook: Garden-Fresh Recipes Rediscovered and Adapted for Today’s Kitchen
Book Launch
MONDAY, JUNE 1 | 6:30pm
The Pious Ones: The World of Hasidim and Their Battles with America
Book Talk
TUESDAY, JUNE 16 | 7:00pm
The Modicut Project: World Premiere | From the YIVO Archives
Artist and Scholar Collaboration