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Images of the Holocaust: Photos from the YIVO Archives

Postcard portrait of Rokhl Rudnitski, a member of a Jewish partisan brigade that fought the Nazis in the Lithuanian forests near Vilna. View »Nazis executing a Jew at the edge of a mass grave, Vinnitsa, Ukraine. View »
Jews crowded into an assembly point during the first deportation from the town of Siedlce, Poland. On that day 10,000 Jews from Siedlce were... View »Street scene in the Warsaw ghetto, Poland. A woman has collapsed from hunger outside the entrance to TOZ, the Jewish health organization. View »
Jews waiting for the daily lunch ration at a soup kitchen in the Przemysl ghetto, Poland. View »A scene on Nalewki Street in the Warsaw ghetto, Poland. View »
Jews being persecuted by having their beards forcibly shaved, Zawiercie, Poland. View »The ruins of Berlin's Oranienburgerstrasse Synagogue, damaged by bombing during World War II. View »