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The Story of the Jewish Labor Bund, 1897-1997

Members of Tsukunft, the Bundist youth movement, in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto. View »Warsaw ghetto identity card of Zalman Friedrich. In July 1942, disguised as a Polish railway worker,he smuggled himself into the Treblinka death camp... View »
Last statement of Shmuel (Artur) Zygielboim, London. Zygielboim committed suicide that same day to protest the inaction of the Allies in the face of... View »First of May demonstration, Lublin. The speaker is Bella Shapiro, leader of the Bund in Lublin and a deputy in the Lublin City Council. View »
Members of Tsukunft, the Bundist youth group, putting up election posters, Baranowicze, Poland. View »Yiddish postcard published in London, with portrait of the czar and illustrations of czarist oppression. View »
Bundists and other political exiles in Yakutsk, Siberia, the scene of an uprising staged by the exiles. View »Bundist self-defense group with three of their comrades slain in an anti-czarist uprising, Odessa. View »