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Mattityahu Strashun (1817-1885): Scholar, Leader, and Book Collector

Sefer Keneh Hokhmah (Acquire Wisdom), by Nissan ben Abraham Deliatitz, Vilna: Menahem Man & Simhah Zimel, 1829. The first Hebrew algebra... View »Kehunat Avraham (Priesthood of Abraham), by Abraham ben Shabbethai ha-Kohen of Zante (1670-1729), Venice: Nela Stamparia Bragadina, 1719. Poems based... View »
Etz Hayim, by Solomon ben David de Oliveyra (d. 1708), Amsterdam: David Di Castro Tatrtes, 1682. Hebrew-Portuguese dictionary. Oliveyra was a... View »Torah Nevi'im u-Khetuvim, Amsterdam: Uri Feibush, son of Aharon ha-Levi, 1679. Yiddish translation of the Bible by Yekutiel Ben Isaac Blitz.... View »
Meshal ha-Kadmoni (Parables of Antiquity) by Isaac ben Solomon Sahula (1244-1300?), Venice: Paranzoni, 1547. Parables with moral lessons... View »Reading Room of the Strashun Library. View »
Exterior of the Strashun Library. View »Portrait of Mattityahu Strashun View »